Thursday, July 31, 2008


On Wednesday Noni and I went on an outing/excursion to Klang to visit an orphanage. I have never been to one before. About 30 Makciks2 and Datins boarded a tour bas from Taman Darul Ehsan Mosque. In Klang, we were met by an Ustaz from the orphanage led us to Surau Asyukriah Jalan Yadi where the children, all boys were attending their daily school there temporarily, as Al-Hafiz to recite and memorise the Quran. We were told their Madrasah was burnt down last year and they are building a new one for the boys to attend school.

After the speeches and Quran recital from one the boys, our group presented our cash collections for the orphanage. Besides that, we also contributed basic foodstuffs like packets of rice, cooking oil, sugar, ikan bilis, cupcakes, biscuits and karipaps.
The orphanage also brought out their own products like dates, raisins, zam zam water and brooches to sell to us to generate funds for their new building.

Finally we distributed packed nasi lemak and mineral water bottles to the boys and joined them eating their breakfast there. Im sure everyone of us went back that day feeling great that we have contributed something for the poor boys and to make their lives feel better no matter how small our individual contributions.

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