Thursday, August 28, 2008

Made In Japan

My sis just came back from Japan and she brought these back...a cross breed of apple and pear. But dont know what the Japanese call them.

look like apples

the skin appears like pear but the colour so pale and smooth
but the fruit inside is firm, white, so juicy and so sweet with a texture
a bit like pear...

...and these are the seeds, some small, flat but one or two like apple seeds

Hopefully my fren Prof can do stratification on the seeds and plant them here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Souvenirs from Bandung

Just came back from Jakarta/Bandung trip with Noni last Wednesday. It was a hectic 5 days and 4 nights (2 nights in Jakarta 2 in Bandung) holidays cum shopping trip because both of us are not shopping freaks. Anyway bought a few things like the rest of the group we were with. Best of all look at these beauties as Bandung is a highland like our own Cameron Highlands but cooler and larger area with a unique feature of rich black volcanic soils and their beautiful terraced padi fields. More of those beauties in my next blog.

emmm...strawberries! and the purple ones they said were raspberries
but I thought they looked like mulberries cos I have the plants
n have seen the fruits..
but those fruits were dipped in its not their natural tastes

fascinated by the bright orange colour of their pumpkins so bought

2 small ones of different colours

avocado!..3 sizes..these are one of the largest but longish type

but I saw bigger ones which were more expensive..anyway

dont like the taste of avocado only bought them for the seeds

smallest and roundest of the lots...

medium size and when I bought them but

changed to dark purple colour 3 days later...

strawberry plant!...the only one I found selling on Tangkuban Perahu

an active volcano in Bandung area..

Friday, August 22, 2008


MARDI tent....bought some plants and seeds here

part of the exhibition overlooking the parking area

meat and poultry sections

expensive wooohh...

fresh tomatoes and other vegetables

new innovation growing tomatoes..just like grapes

train them to climb wires or strings...

Since the last blog I was very busy indeed. Last Friday with Noni went to MAHA 2008 - Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Exhibition 2008 held in UPM Serdang from 11- 23 August 2008. Hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry and organised by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA). It is the biggest event of the year for the Industry and it showcased the latest innovations, solutions and businessess where more than 950 local and international exhibitors participated. The exhibition area was very huge and both of us were only able to visit the exhibitors nearest to our parking area.

a lot of free food samplings... by the time

we made our rounds - no lunch for us!

farm fresh eggs
To venture elsewhere, there were feeder buggies but they were too many people waiting to board them and it was not even on weekends! So we skipped it. We had our rounds of free food samplings and bought frozen ready-to-cook foodstuffs like curry puffs, samosa, steaks with gravy, roti canai, prahta, honey etc, plants and seeds from MARDI booth. Thats all...because with all the bags we had to carry, we prefer to just go home and prepare our trip to Jakarta/Bandung the next day. We planned to come again after the trip since the exhibition will still be on but looks like we are too tired..and Im not feeling well.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


They are my favourites at the moment! They are traditional cake and those days when one only costs 10 sen. Now they are back as hot as ever and the in thing to have on your weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers and festivals like Aidil Fitri, Christmas, New Year and so on. Always wanted to learn how to make them and lucky me, met a blogger who specialise in making them and other types too. Just click at and you will be amazed at her fotopages. So on Saturday morning made my way to Saujana Utama to her house where I was met by other students from other parts of Malaysia. We started from baking and then decorating them.
each student were given 8 cupcakes each to decorate
after baking them

the cupcakes after baking

our sifu Lynn n son Kimi..she is so young but already an expert

and have a thriving business but still has time to teach old folks like me!

some of the students..from Ampang, Kucing and Penang

making the fondant flowers

flowers from icing sugar for decoration later

first cupcake I decorated...messy eh? chocolate curls and cherry

sunflower cupcake

fondant flowers, so sweet...not bad for a beginner

another fondant flowers ...nice!

end products of each student....mine right in front here

a simple decoration for a butter cake...that was what

our sifu said...simple? you have to try it yourself then

you know whether its simple or otherwise!

It was an exciting day learning to decorate the cupcakes, though Im not that good like the rest of them but still with practice Im sure it will turn up alright later on. Practice makes perfect that was what our sifu Lynn said. Went home proudly showed them to my youngest and gave a few to my nieces and nephews. THANK YOU LYNN!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Early morning rush to the poisoning? What did I eat last night...emmm fried rice and chicken rendang. Nothing unsual. However continue with my fasting today although I feel a bit weak. Decided not to go to Jeram..just want to lie down but by mid day have to get up to cook lunch as second son is on evening shift.

Menu for today

sambal fish with favourite

pumpkin + shoots masak bening (modified by me

since I dont know the original recipe)...not bad as it turned out to be..

And of cos fried fish as third dish. Kopi-O kow to break my fast then for dessert Kit Kat and Cadbury chocolate! Emmm my comfort food..well once in a blue moon, I think its ok. Planned to sleep early but then suddenly remembered that I have to buy something for tomorrow's project, so rushed out to the supermarket. An exciting day tomorrow. Since I was already out, made quick stops to the Cash Depost machines to pay my bills.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Olive...

Im still fasting today. Make my way to Jeram slowly. It was a hot hot and dry day. Prof came soon after I almost finished my routine of watering the plants. Asked me to collect whatever pumpkins left so that he can start spraying weed killer today for replanting at later date. It was quite a bountiful with pumpkins and their shoots which can also be cooked as vegetables.

pumpkins n pumpkins shoots

who is that....

While looking at our olive plant, suddenly Prof literally jumped for joy cos the bud graftings he did somewhere in May if Im not mistaken, had started to root! Immediately he started to plant the new seedlings with TLC (tender loving care....)!

bud grafting of olive plant

planting the new seedlings

put in soil and manure (chicken shit) we have another 2 olive plants

hopefully they will grow like this one....olive fruits

then like these....olive trees

and eventually like this wah...olive farm!!

On the way back had a quick pit stop at Sg Buloh pasar malam to find sugar cane water to break fast tonite....Im soooooooo thirsty, I can drink a jug or two! Then another pit stop at Noni's house to give her a few pumpkins and wet popia (she has been craving for that cos now its difficult to find). Huh today I am extra tired and very thirsty indeed but very happy about the olive plants...A jolly fruitful day today!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding in Banting

This morning followed my brother and family to attend our cousin's daughter's wedding in Banting. We reached there in time to see the happy couple walking to their pelamin for the bersanding ceremony. This is my cousin's first daughter. Looking on, I dread the day when my sons will get married one by one...not that Im not happy for them but I dont know whether I can manage all the hoohah before the wedding, the engagement and what nots....Of cos the bridegroom's side will be a bit different and at least my eldest already warn me about having a small and simple one, no fuss please! But nowadays, if you have the means, everything, from bunga telur (or goody bags), dulang hantaran (gifts), decorations for the room and the pelamin etc, all can be bought ready made in shops which cater especially for weddings...just show them the money! Emmm..the food at this wedding was nice, the service was excellent and everything else was perfect. Wishing the happy couple everlasting love and harmony with lots of children! SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!
the lovely couple walking to the pelamin
for bersanding ceremony

bersanding ceremony

father of the bride giving his blessing too (my cousin)

happy couple about to have their lunch

my brother and family