Monday, July 28, 2008

My bicycle

My new bicycle (well actually not that new) I bought it last month on my way back from Jeram and carried it all the way back in my small car with the back seat down for RM180. Now I feel its a bit expensive. I was thinking that if I bought it from out of town it might be cheaper. But I guess now with the price of steel and everything else has gone up I console myself for buying it at that price.
Why in the world did I buy it? Well it got nothing to do with the price of petrol going up and me thinking going everywhere on a bicycle...oh no..I still need my faithful small car for my outings with Noni and for everything else! I bought it at the spur of the moment, in my cloudy mind, thinking that I might just hop on it and take it for a ride every morning to exercise just like my brother! Hahahaha...when I told it to Noni, she laughed so loudly which certainly a bit unusual for her...hehehe...AS IF IM GOING TO EXERCISE EVERY MORNING! I used to go walking with her at least 3 times a week near Taman TAR but that was 2, 3 months ago? Now Im just too lazy to drive out and pick Noni at her house and go walking!
So by buying a bicycle I thought I might jolt my lazy pear-shaped body, used to be Zsar Zsar Gabo's shape...hahaha...into an exercise freak again! But I guess my not so new bicycle going to stay locked up outside the house for a long time more..since Im doing my sunat puasa and Ramadhan is just around the corner too. Well hopefully I might just shrink myself a bit by then...Insyaallah. In the mean time, Im just going to polish that bicycle every now and then and locked it up good just in case somebody got ideas to cart it away at night!


Anonymous said...

apa kata kalau tanam pokok apa-apa ke kat dalam raga basikal tu. orang belum buat kan? cuba bayangkan, naik basikal yang ada pokok kat depat.


p3chandan said...

Hahaha..bagus cadangan tu.Insyaallah..nak tengok pokok ape yg sesuai..