Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh Labu...

Im feeling a bit under the weather today probably becoz of yesterday's outing in Laman 2008. It was hot an humid and I was complaining a lot to Noni coz it made me sweaty and it bothered me. Noni just said "helooo you are a Malaysian and you are supposed to get used to that esp working in your kebun in Jeram..." But Jeram is always windy and breezy maybe becoz it is near the coastal area Pantai Remis (not the one in Perak but the one in Selangor). Anyway today told Prof I can't go and work at the kebun. Since Im staying at home, decided to puasa sunat and plan my menu to break fast tonite. I still have the pumpkin (labu kuning) I picked from Jeram (my earlier blog) lying on my kitchen table waiting for its fate....So my menu will be sayur lemak labu and pengat labu for dessert!
labu kuning

pengat labu

sayur lemak labu + pucuk labu
Besides those two, I also cooked daging masak kicap and to top it up are sambal belachan and ulam pegaga...ermmm delicious! Looking at the menu my youngest son couldnt resist joining me for dinner...To break fast I make hot apple tea from Turkey (will tell you all about my Turkey trip next time). WALLAAA!

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