Monday, July 21, 2008

Porcelain Paintings

My love of beauty and nature with their vivid colours always lead me to painting them since primary school. I used to paint flowers, leaves and sceneries either from my garden or copied from books, postcards and greeting cards. Well that was ages ago...I've lost practice since then not until 4 years back when I joined a group of porcelain painters. It was very exciting to learn to paint a new media with specially imported colours from UK and USA which is mixed with special oil. First the painting is done on white porcelain plates or square tiles then it is burnt in a special oven at high temperature. The second layer is painted over it and burnt again, this depends on the quality of the plates and the subject painted. The process is to make the colours stand out then lastly it is glazed and gold ringed as the finishing touches. The better quality the plates are the better the colour will stand out. Here are some of the hand-painted plates.
sweet plates

side plates

painted by my teacher as souvenirs for guests

dinner plates

oblong plates

square tile

more dinner plates

paintings on porcelain tiles

Those were some of the plates painted by me shown at an exhibition which was held at Carcosa Seri Negara. Surprisingly, 2 of my plates were sold at RM500 each.

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