Friday, August 1, 2008

Best friend

"Can you meet me about 9.30 pm tonite near Central Market near LRT station" . That was the message I got from Zizah my best friend from Form 4 to Form 6 at 8 pm tonite. She was on the way to KL from Kampar by bus and will shoot straight to Bentong on the same night after meeting me. Why the odd time and place? Well this is a weekend and thats what she does every weekend. She will hop on a bus from Kampar where she is posted, to KL where her son will pick up and both of them will drive back to her house in Bentong where her husband is waiting every weekend.
So tonite she wanted me to deliver 5 grape seedlings to take back home to Bentong for her garden landscaping.
I was lucky to meet her again early this year after we lost contact since the early 70's when we were in Form 6. She was browsing near Central Market Artist Corner and passing right in front of me. Immediately I recognised her pout coz of her 2 front teeth and called her name....alas she couldnt place my face! But when I mentioned my long name...her face lit up and both of us start hugging each other and old memories flooding back fondly! Used to cycle to her parents house in Keramat at least 3, 4 times a week taking tuition with a teacher there or just to spend time with her. I love those lazy, innocent, memorable days with her at school and at leisure...both of us loved to dance and were regular participants in school dances and concerts.
Since that chance meeting, I had gone to fetch her for dinner and have met her mother who is now, a widow. I miss the good times that we had together and also her mother's cooking coz many a time I was invited to have lunch or tea at their place.


Anonymous said...

Best friend tak boleh dapat ke sepokok dua free?

newfriend kut

p3chandan said...

boleh...kalau lebih kena beli la..