Monday, July 28, 2008

My backyard my garden

The plants especially apple, pear and kiwi plants looked dry and dehydrated when I reached Jeram today, no rain since Friday maybe and Prof was too buzy to come last weekend and today too. Spent the afternoon watering all plants and planting limau purut plant which I bought extra last month in Sg Buloh with Noni. Picked 2 pumpkins which are smaller than the first harvest probably becoz of the soggy soil. Some of the plants are already rotting on the ground since the rainy season this month. Anyway we are replanting the pumpkins again after this. Sorry the first 2 pics too small taken with my hp (not canggih one)..
2 small pumpkins to make lepat labu

limau purut plant

When I came back home, my son already finished digging the backyard to make my vegetable patch..very ambitious indeed on my part! Dont know whether I have the energy to do it alone but will try my best. Im planning to have a few plots like herbs, chilies, brinjal and lady fingers (my favourites), cucumber, tomatoes..wah! very ambitious...we'll see if its only hot hot chicken shit! (hangat2 tahi ayam la) which Im capable of with all sorts of excuses..

my future vegetable garden

my backyard...tree on the left is mengkudu
Mengkudu tree was planted by my late father so that his 4 daughters and daughters-in-law could use the leaves to wrap the tungku (hot brick) during our thoughtful of him hah?

limau purut to make rendang

cashew nut tree planted last week, the top young leaves

can be eaten as ulam or put in laksa asam

my grape plant slowly climbing the pegola

ulam raja

this pegaga can be eaten coz I planted it myself...Noni also wants one pot

not sure whether this pegaga can be eaten

or are they for decoration only

my small pond..wah some of the plants dehydrated
forgot to water them la...

daun kesum for laksa asam ...this is grown on Noni's request

my mulbary plants need pruning again looking like a
secondary jungle already...

unripe fruit tastes sweet sourish

ripe mulbary fruits are very sweet, can be eaten raw or
make jam or fruit juice

the ripe fruit on the plant

Hopefully everything I planted will grow well...thanks to my fren Prof for giving me the grape and mulbary seddlings plus tips now and then about the plants and awaken my interest again on gardening.


Anonymous said...

Wah, wah, wah hebatnya.
Tak lama lagi jadi rimbun lah tu..
Sejuuukkk dan seronok kan!!!


p3chandan said...

Insyaallah...harap2 begitu