Thursday, July 24, 2008

LAMAN 2008...Part 1


Today picked my fren Rohani (Noni) about 10 am, had roti jala for breakfast then we headed to Taman Tasik Perdana to have a peek at Laman 2008 (Landscape Fest) which is held every 2 years. Had to park my car at the Birds' Park then hitched a ride in their feeder buggy which cruises whole day around the lake to pick up visitors to the entrance gate. While I had to pay RM3, Noni is exempted cos she is warga emas and got a free mineral water bottle too. We made our rounds from booth to booth. Mostly were showing flowering plants and also herbal plants which I was attracted to since I started on my own little nursery. I was looking for an ulam called selom and bought 1 for RM5 which was more than what I would have paid if I were to buy it from Sg Buloh.

one booth selling different types of herbal plants

this is actually an orchid n vanilla is extracted from the seed pod

selling for RM38!

lemon grass (serai) n pegaga

misai kucing with purple flowers usually white flowers

purple chili padi...VERY HOT!

various kinds of herbs

ulam selom..just the one Im looking for...

haven't heard or seen this type before...

nor this one...

can anyone guess what is this plant for.....

Next part we will see various types of landscaping and other types of plants around Laman 2008 as we made our way around it on tired feet...

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