Friday, April 22, 2011


Followed my friend Noni to the Bookshow in PWTC today. We went quite early to avoid the lunch time crowd. By the time we reached there, the crowd has started to fill in with school children on field trips with their teachers, college students and the general public like us. Before we went on our rounds, first thing first....went to look for breakfast! Hahaha...well actually, I had mine very early after my gardening, but Noni had not taken any yet. So after a meat pie each (Noni said the best she ever tasted!), we started our rounds of the many booths on 2 floors there. Noni wanted to buy novels and I wanted to have a few books to satisfy my passions for gardening, interior decorating, cooking and the one book I must read - the latest by our ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir!

I got this at MPH booth who is giving a 10% discount on all their books

MPH is having a signing of the book event tomorrow by Tun Dr Mahathir at 11am - 12 noon

got these books on gardening: Tropical Horticulture & Gardening by Francis S.P. Ng and The Pratical Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques by Jonathan Edwards

magazines on creating wedding gifts (hantaran) - the passion I acquired when my second son was getting married last year, and also interior decorating magazines - I like to move my furnitures around when Im bored!

my passion for EATING motivates me in buying these cooking books..haha..

a lot of religious books which are mostly locally published

and some foreign ones especially from the Middle Eastern countries

they even have a stage with school children taking part in quiz, debates and also motivational talks from invited speakers

Noni is an avid reader especially English novels, she bought 6 novels (she said they were much cheaper here) and also a cook book. Usually she lent me her novels after she finished reading them, so I dont have to buy them today...but we did exchange books over the years!

Most of the booths were showcasing educational books for school children, lower and secondary schools and for college and university students. Quite a number on Islamic studies and books but also on the lighter sides like entertainment magazines, comics, novels, cook books etc,. etc...They even have booths on all the states in Malaysia, showcasing the states culture, traditions, history and books by authors from each state. There were so many books on other topics besides the one I mentioned and in other languages too!

Why not pay a visit there and it will be until 1st May.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Close shave!

This morning I walked alone. Noni couldn't go as she is recuperating from an eye operation since yesterday. My youngest son Alan who is on his off-day today, supposed to walk with me but since he had a late nite, couldn't bring himself to wake up early this morning. After walking, felt like having breakfast at McD...their BIG Breakfast! Its been a while I had anything from McD, since Im trying to curb the comfort food I have always fond of. You guess it...Im on DIET again!But their TV ad really makes me crave for that BIG hearty breakfast! "A array of sumptious delights" - delicious pancakes oozing with honey and butter, sausage muffins with egg, lovely golden scrambled egg (I love anything EGG!), delightful hash brown and their hot Premium Roast Coffee! Mmmmmm......mouth watering!

BIG hearty breakfast after a good walk! Hahaha...put back the pounds I lost!

Strangely enough, Alan woke up as I was about to drive to the nearest McD! So away we went to have our breakfast. It was a delicious, heart warming, bellyful of breakfast indeed! Then we came back and I went straight to the garden pulling weeds, snapped photos, transplanted seedlings etc etc....Almost 2 hours later, while taking off my sweaty clothes to bathe, suddenly I remembered I left my wallet on the bench where I sat for breakfast! Alan drove as fast as he could back there to retrieve my wallet while I phoned the credit card company to block my card immediately and praying very hard I will get back my wallet with everything intact especially my ID. Though in my heart, its unlikely I will get it back. I got myself ready to make a police report of my lost while waiting for Alan to come back with the bad news.

Alhamdulillah...Alan came back with the good news, my wallet was found by a McD's staff! Later, I went back there to thank the staff myself but was told the person has finished her shift and gone home. Anyway, the cashier there told me I was lucky that my wallet was found by their staff or else I might not be so lucky.....

While there, snapping a few photos, I couldn't help myself by grabbing a quick lunch! .....*Sigh....another round of comfort food! Its my way of showing my gratefulness to those staff at McD Ampang Jaya! Syabas!