Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outing with the boys

Still calling them my boys although they are all grown up men now! My youngest and second one, a 25 and 26 year olds respectively. 15th was my second son's birthday. An excuse to eat out for me since I was not in the mood to cook. Anyway nowadays, always not in the mood after a morning walk, pottering in the garden for half a day...too tired to cook after that! I guess age is catching up with me!

Birthday boy...2nd son, first to get married and soon-to-be father!

youngest (Alan) and second (Rezza) sons

birthday slice of strawberry marble cake

birthday boy's choice...not sure what...Vietnamese or Sarawak noodles?

youngest one's choice - macaroni with cheese, too creamy and cheesy, he couldn't finish it!

Mine..just nice!

We didn't go very far for the outing, just a 10 mins drive to a Secret Recipe outlet near my house. Just to have a simple lunch with my two younger sons, since its very seldom they are having off-day at the same time. The eldest boy is working elsewhere and will only come home on weekends. As far as I can remember, I have always been closer to these two since their age gap is only about 1 1/2 years apart, while the eldest is 7 years apart from the second one. The eldest seemed to go with his friends more rather than with his two younger brothers maybe because of the age gap are too far apart. Anyway, they are all still Mama's boys...still manje2 and close to me like they were small kids! I know I will miss them if they are all married someday and live apart from me!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Dearest...

Life has its up and down. The good ones and the bad ones. I know how painful it is right now for you to bear your broken heart for the first time. Im glad you came to me to pour your heart out, with tears in your eyes. Im trying hard to control my tears, so that I may seem the strong woman you always thought. You told me you loved her, couldn't live without her. But why did you say you didn't want any commitment when she wanted a serious relationship after more than a year of friendship? You have been out together more and longer than the previous girl you befriended 3 years ago. You didn't even want to let me know her name or introduce her to me, for fearing the relationship will flounder just like before. Still it has happened...
I didn't know you take it so hard this time. You couldn't sleep, you couldn't eat...just mopping around looking so sorry and sad. I noticed that look even before you confessed to me the whole story. You told me you slipped and said the word 'no commitment' to her but since then you have apologised for your mistake. Still she couldn't accept that, no matter how many tons of sms and calls you made, she just wouldn't answer you! I know how frustating it must be for you. But how can you made that mistake! Well, I guess after that, you just realised the fact that you couldn't live without her, you didn't want no other girl but her! Some people are like that, you found you loved the person only after they were gone...Maybe its too late for you...though I didn't tell you that because it will make you teary eyes again. My poor poor dear...
Just try to be calm and cool about the whole thing my dearest, you are a man, so be strong, just think positive. Maybe Allah is testing you, or maybe she's not your soulmate, or maybe after all these, you will meet a better person, your true soulmate! So just hang on there my dearest, if she's your soulmate, both of you will be together sooner or later.....In the meantime, do try to improve youself, be more aggresive, don't be too complacent in life, work for what you want and don't ever give up before you even try! Have a good full life my dearest!