Sunday, July 27, 2008

LAMAN 2008....PART 2

Hah! just look at these pictures of landscape done by various states, private companies and also DBKL. They are just beautiful! What ideas these people have...Im quite impressed. But Noni said the last Laman 2006 was much better with more participants and they were placed more closely to each other, so that you hardly noticed when you were walking around the whole day. I guess this year has less participants becoz the landscapes were spaced out from each other...probably becoz of the costs of the booths or the participants didnt get good response for their products the last time around, who knows... Anyway the landscapes done were superb and I loved them all! You can get ideas how to decorate and do your landscaping in your own garden. But there was one booth with only aritificial flowers. It look good for weddings...

Most of the landscaping done had water features, either a fountain, a pond or a waterfall as the focal point which gave the garden a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The theme is tropical, suitable for our country with diverse plants species > flowering plants, decorative trees and herbal plants. Who says Malaysia dont have her own tropical gardens which are equally beautiful and easy to maintain. We should be proud of our own theme instead of having to copy Bali or English gardens, just look at the landscapes showcased at Laman 2008. MALAYSIAN BOLEH!

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