Friday, August 22, 2008


MARDI tent....bought some plants and seeds here

part of the exhibition overlooking the parking area

meat and poultry sections

expensive wooohh...

fresh tomatoes and other vegetables

new innovation growing tomatoes..just like grapes

train them to climb wires or strings...

Since the last blog I was very busy indeed. Last Friday with Noni went to MAHA 2008 - Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Exhibition 2008 held in UPM Serdang from 11- 23 August 2008. Hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry and organised by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA). It is the biggest event of the year for the Industry and it showcased the latest innovations, solutions and businessess where more than 950 local and international exhibitors participated. The exhibition area was very huge and both of us were only able to visit the exhibitors nearest to our parking area.

a lot of free food samplings... by the time

we made our rounds - no lunch for us!

farm fresh eggs
To venture elsewhere, there were feeder buggies but they were too many people waiting to board them and it was not even on weekends! So we skipped it. We had our rounds of free food samplings and bought frozen ready-to-cook foodstuffs like curry puffs, samosa, steaks with gravy, roti canai, prahta, honey etc, plants and seeds from MARDI booth. Thats all...because with all the bags we had to carry, we prefer to just go home and prepare our trip to Jakarta/Bandung the next day. We planned to come again after the trip since the exhibition will still be on but looks like we are too tired..and Im not feeling well.

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