Friday, August 8, 2008


Early morning rush to the poisoning? What did I eat last night...emmm fried rice and chicken rendang. Nothing unsual. However continue with my fasting today although I feel a bit weak. Decided not to go to Jeram..just want to lie down but by mid day have to get up to cook lunch as second son is on evening shift.

Menu for today

sambal fish with favourite

pumpkin + shoots masak bening (modified by me

since I dont know the original recipe)...not bad as it turned out to be..

And of cos fried fish as third dish. Kopi-O kow to break my fast then for dessert Kit Kat and Cadbury chocolate! Emmm my comfort food..well once in a blue moon, I think its ok. Planned to sleep early but then suddenly remembered that I have to buy something for tomorrow's project, so rushed out to the supermarket. An exciting day tomorrow. Since I was already out, made quick stops to the Cash Depost machines to pay my bills.

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