Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding in Banting

This morning followed my brother and family to attend our cousin's daughter's wedding in Banting. We reached there in time to see the happy couple walking to their pelamin for the bersanding ceremony. This is my cousin's first daughter. Looking on, I dread the day when my sons will get married one by one...not that Im not happy for them but I dont know whether I can manage all the hoohah before the wedding, the engagement and what nots....Of cos the bridegroom's side will be a bit different and at least my eldest already warn me about having a small and simple one, no fuss please! But nowadays, if you have the means, everything, from bunga telur (or goody bags), dulang hantaran (gifts), decorations for the room and the pelamin etc, all can be bought ready made in shops which cater especially for weddings...just show them the money! Emmm..the food at this wedding was nice, the service was excellent and everything else was perfect. Wishing the happy couple everlasting love and harmony with lots of children! SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!
the lovely couple walking to the pelamin
for bersanding ceremony

bersanding ceremony

father of the bride giving his blessing too (my cousin)

happy couple about to have their lunch

my brother and family

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