Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Olive...

Im still fasting today. Make my way to Jeram slowly. It was a hot hot and dry day. Prof came soon after I almost finished my routine of watering the plants. Asked me to collect whatever pumpkins left so that he can start spraying weed killer today for replanting at later date. It was quite a bountiful with pumpkins and their shoots which can also be cooked as vegetables.

pumpkins n pumpkins shoots

who is that....

While looking at our olive plant, suddenly Prof literally jumped for joy cos the bud graftings he did somewhere in May if Im not mistaken, had started to root! Immediately he started to plant the new seedlings with TLC (tender loving care....)!

bud grafting of olive plant

planting the new seedlings

put in soil and manure (chicken shit)

wallaaa...now we have another 2 olive plants

hopefully they will grow like this one....olive fruits

then like these....olive trees

and eventually like this wah...olive farm!!

On the way back had a quick pit stop at Sg Buloh pasar malam to find sugar cane water to break fast tonite....Im soooooooo thirsty, I can drink a jug or two! Then another pit stop at Noni's house to give her a few pumpkins and wet popia (she has been craving for that cos now its difficult to find). Huh today I am extra tired and very thirsty indeed but very happy about the olive plants...A jolly fruitful day today!

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Anonymous said...

Hhmmmmm, insya Allah.
Usah anggap pokok zaitun itu terlalu kecil dan tiada makna.
ALLAH maha kaya dan maha memberi.