Saturday, August 9, 2008


They are my favourites at the moment! They are traditional cake and those days when one only costs 10 sen. Now they are back as hot as ever and the in thing to have on your weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers and festivals like Aidil Fitri, Christmas, New Year and so on. Always wanted to learn how to make them and lucky me, met a blogger who specialise in making them and other types too. Just click at and you will be amazed at her fotopages. So on Saturday morning made my way to Saujana Utama to her house where I was met by other students from other parts of Malaysia. We started from baking and then decorating them.
each student were given 8 cupcakes each to decorate
after baking them

the cupcakes after baking

our sifu Lynn n son Kimi..she is so young but already an expert

and have a thriving business but still has time to teach old folks like me!

some of the students..from Ampang, Kucing and Penang

making the fondant flowers

flowers from icing sugar for decoration later

first cupcake I decorated...messy eh? chocolate curls and cherry

sunflower cupcake

fondant flowers, so sweet...not bad for a beginner

another fondant flowers ...nice!

end products of each student....mine right in front here

a simple decoration for a butter cake...that was what

our sifu said...simple? you have to try it yourself then

you know whether its simple or otherwise!

It was an exciting day learning to decorate the cupcakes, though Im not that good like the rest of them but still with practice Im sure it will turn up alright later on. Practice makes perfect that was what our sifu Lynn said. Went home proudly showed them to my youngest and gave a few to my nieces and nephews. THANK YOU LYNN!


Anonymous said...

Banyak kuih tu. Buka pasar Ramadhan pun boleh. Berniaga di bulan mulia akan mendapat berkat.


p3chandan said...

Bulan Ramadhan kuih ni tak laku kot..depa nak kuih kampung, lagi sedap kan? Raya baru depa nak makan kuih ni...

Adeline said...

hey, kak... u should post a picture of your apron during your cupcake class, that was so.... cute!Who am i?? Hee Hee..... i'm one of those captured in your picture... keep guessing

p3chandan said...

Hi Adeline thanks so much for dropping apron eh, will see abt that. Nice to have met u there..