Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Souvenirs from Bandung

Just came back from Jakarta/Bandung trip with Noni last Wednesday. It was a hectic 5 days and 4 nights (2 nights in Jakarta 2 in Bandung) holidays cum shopping trip because both of us are not shopping freaks. Anyway bought a few things like the rest of the group we were with. Best of all look at these beauties as Bandung is a highland like our own Cameron Highlands but cooler and larger area with a unique feature of rich black volcanic soils and their beautiful terraced padi fields. More of those beauties in my next blog.

emmm...strawberries! and the purple ones they said were raspberries
but I thought they looked like mulberries cos I have the plants
n have seen the fruits..
but those fruits were dipped in its not their natural tastes

fascinated by the bright orange colour of their pumpkins so bought

2 small ones of different colours

avocado!..3 sizes..these are one of the largest but longish type

but I saw bigger ones which were more expensive..anyway

dont like the taste of avocado only bought them for the seeds

smallest and roundest of the lots...

medium size and when I bought them but

changed to dark purple colour 3 days later...

strawberry plant!...the only one I found selling on Tangkuban Perahu

an active volcano in Bandung area..

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