Friday, April 30, 2010

could have...

you could have been a part of me
i could have been a part of you
you could have been my life
i could have been your life
you could have been my king
i could have been you queen
we could have been sipping
tea in the morning
smelling the lilies
swapping the bees
touching hands
touching toes
kissing your eyes
kissing my eyes
lips locked in passionate embrace
we could have been spending
golden years together
but you want to wait
to savour the moments
being apart
giving you time
we could have been
together forever
we drift apart
though no goodbyes....


Bangchik said...

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS put "could have " in a different form and tune..., his is "Could I Have This Kiss Forever" .. lovely and with devastating effect!

~bangchik and kakdah

p3chandan said...

I know what u meant, love that song reminds me of my younger days..

ManTalib said...

dah la tuu..bersabar byk2 ok

ade la tu nanti cik oooiii