Sunday, April 25, 2010

At last!

Yeaaahhh! At last I succeeded in pasting the Nuffnang logo on my blog. Its quite a feat to me considering Im not that internet savvy. Blur to be precised! thing in pasting the logo and another in earning $$$$$$$$$$.....!!!!
Actually not so much in earning the $$$$$$$$$$ (I'll be lying if I dont want them)...but to see whether my blog can actually earn money. Whether what I write will generate interest or people who happens to drop in will be curious enough to actually read any of my ramblings. Thats what I call personal ramblings. My life experiences, my feelings, moods...But nothing compared to the famous bloggers like REDMUMMY, that Ah Beng NIKKI and so many others! Im just a very very very tiny minute fish in a large ocean!
....And of cos whether any advertiser will actually want to advertise in my blog.
....Or else it will be just another logo decorating my blog.


Anonymous said...

Clever you...tak sangka! ehem ehem!

Pak Abas

ManTalib said...

Wah! dah terer dah u ni.nak jadi HOTMUMMY pulak ke..hahaha

Man Talib

p3chandan said...

Tak ler clever sgt...pakai hentam saje la Pak Abas!ape pon we learn thru our mistakes..

Takmo la image hotmummy Man..i ni simple person, the very the low profile. setakat suke2 je kan...