Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ramadhan is here

All Muslims, at least in South East Asia, started their fasting month of Ramadhan on 1st September. Im thankful that I didnt get migraine on the first day of fasting anymore since last year so it was plain sailing all through out the hunger pangs and no headaches! Probably because of the rains are here again to make the days more bearable or Im just too old to bother about hunger pangs anymore.
Next day started early about 10 am to Sg Buloh to buy some basic things like plastic pots and fertiliser (chicken shit) before made my way to Jeram. Reached there about 12 noon and it started raining! Finish transplanting some grape seedlings into pots while waiting for the rain to stop. The good thing was, I dont have to water all the plants!

rain, rain....

..go away, come again when Im not here...

Rain stopped after 1/2 hr later. Continued with my work there until about 3pm. Prof didnt sent any word to say that he was coming that day maybe he was busy or not feeling well...anyway told him that during Ramadhan I will come twice a week. On the way back made a quick stop at Sg Buloh Bazaar Ramadhan to buy some kuehs and of cos sugar cane water to break fast tonite. Although I was not hungry but I was soooooooo thirsty!

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