Friday, September 5, 2008

First flowers....

These are not photos from a magazine of an orchard somewhere in US or Australia but in our own kebun in Jeram! Would you believe it or not they are pictures of kiwi plants with their first flowers! Amazing isnt it? I was just pulling out some weeds around the plants this morning when suddenly I noticed flower buds and on closer look, a few flowers were blooming on 2 plants and swaying in the winds...I was so excited and sent words to Prof. The plants were pruned by him early August and a week later they sprouted new shoots. He was not well these few days but when he called back he sounded a lot better when he heard the good news! Alhamdulillah...

kiwi flowers

flower buds

such beauty..

Im praying that the flowers will stay on especially in these rainy seasons and will turn to our first kiwi fruits. Then finally Prof can see the fruits of his labour. Im so happy about today's event and hope to see other plants like apple, pear, grapes, olive and blackberry will also start to flower....InsyaAllah!

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