Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 boys n a girl......

Went out to buka puasa again with my 3 boys and a girlfriend (future daughter-in-law?)
at a restaurant near Bukit Bintang, The Verandah. Adi and Alan (my youngest) were off for the weekend
while Rezza joined us later after office

Alan, Adi n his girlfriend Zara. Met her for the second time, while Alan n Rezza
have not met her before when she came to the house on Hari Raya
last year. I love n cherish the outings with my boys bcos they will
forster good relationships n comraderie spirits among themselves which will
help them go through life when I'm not around anymore next time

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Anonymous said...

Seronok nampak dengan bakal menantu. Tapi kena ingat, dapat menantu berarti nak naik pangkat tahun hadapan.
Semoga berbahagia seluruh keluarga.