Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life sometimes...

We have to be careful with salt. If we put too much in our food, we render it inedible. If we use too little, it becomes bland. Much the same can be said about the pinch of salt with which we must take the various ideas and suggestions as we go through life.
We all need a degree of sceptisms. We absolutely dont need cynicism. At times our doubts are more potent than we realise. If we express them too emphatically, we may spoil a perfectly good proposition. Though we suspect sometimes that an opportunity will have drawbacks but there IS an opportunity and a rare, powerful, life-changing one too. All we have to do is recognise it and take it...!


Pak Abas said...

jgn mkn garam byk2 nanti darah tinggi!

p3chandan said...

iye Pak Abas, bila penyakit dtg susah nanti tak leh nak buat ape dah kan..

tapi dalam idup kite ni kalau takde asam garam nye tak syioookk jgak kan!