Sunday, May 16, 2010

Buzzzy or plain lazzzy...

Today I look at my garden in and outside the gate..and I found that it was in a TERRIBLE STATE OF NEGLECT! Just look at these before and after photos below...shame on me!

So was it neglect on account of my busy schedules or just plain LAZZZYYY....?!!
It was a thriving and beautiful garden for the past 4 yrs. Then starting late last year most of my time was occupied with preparing for my pilgrimage to Mecca and my subsequent absence for 45 days there. Then the beginning of this year my preoccupation or shall I say my obsession with preparation for my son's wedding in July was my no. 1 agenda every day that is to do all the decorations on my own! Bunga paha (100 pcs), gifts for the guests (100 pcs), decorations for the hantaran and of cos painting in and outside the whole house..then to the Holy Land for Umrah again in March-April and the hot weather before that...huh endless excuses. Last but not least....I AM GETTING LAZZZY!!!! But in reality my time is so occupied the minute I got up in the morning..and by 9am until evening it is SOOO baking hot outside to do gardening. But no matter what, I have to spruce up my garden from now on in time for the wedding.

last week started to prune my grape
plant n new shoots starting to grow again

frangipani still looking good though needs
fertilising for it to flower

pegaga already kaput..
daun kesum is looking too scrawny

another grape vine starting to climb my neighbour's fence

have to prune my mengkudu plant getting too tall
reaching the roof late father plant them to use the leaves for
wrapping the tungku (hot brick) during our confinement
(so thoughtful of him!)
have to repaint my shabby looking!

at least I trim the mulberry bush monthly
though outside needs weeding badly
the weeds are as tall as my yellow n white tunera

yellow tunera or 8-o'clock flower
blooming profusely cos I trim them regularly

mulberry bush looking healthy...too healthy
in fact I have to trim regularly or else they overshoot
the house roof

behind the pondok along the mulberry bush
sireh plant creeping wildly
...of cos I dont chew them but planting them
reminds me of my gandma's house in Sitiawan

limau purut planted to make use of the leaves
when I make rendang..needs to fertilise

gajus (cashewnut) tree growing taller and healthy...I slice the shoots
thinly when eating laksa penang but nowadays
most people add daun selom or mint leaves instead for additional flavour

curry leaves..have grown into a tall tree need to be trimmed too

Ok from tomorrow...or may be the next day....or at least by this weekend definitely (procastinating again!) I will start my gardening again hopefully. Though I need to buy some seedlings from the nurseries in Sg Buloh for planting in between the tunera flowers may be a few colours of kemunting china (catharanthus roseus) and pink/white rain lilies to add varieties to break the monotony of the green of my mulberry bush. Here we go round the mulberry bush...the mulberry bush....PLISS PLISS PLISSS...dont let me be LAZZZYYY!!!


Anonymous said...

ambik ler tukang kebun cik ooii kan senang idup.takyah ler berpanas nanti terbakar kulit yg gebus tu...

Abu Bukit

Kak Pau said...

tanam ler sayo dari tanam bunga.BERBALOI2!

Anonymous said...

Get a gardener girl!

p3chandan said...

En Abu..ingat nak buat sendri tp bila vitamin M dah mari susah la sikit nampak nye

Kakpau..insyaallah nak tanam tp nak kene clear kan semak tu dulu

Anonymous..tq but im the Missing In Action gardener