Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diet..yet again!

Food, food, glorious food!

watermelon - 92% this for a day
as much u want

balance food

my indulgence

anti oxidant food - my favourite veges them!

Im embarking again on another diet program starting 3 days ago. I think I have over indulged myself since I got back from performing my Haji last December where I lost a bit of weight while staying there for 45 days. I still love my food too much. Actually I have lost quite a lot since I started my morning walk with Noni every morning 2 years ago. While Noni will walk every day without fail rain or shine, the slightest excuse will prevent me from walking. Got up late, slight drizzle in the morning, cat is sick or something...But still I can see a big difference when I started the morning walk. My left knee not painful anymore, Im more flexible in my movement esp when walking up and down the steps, Im more springy in my steps and of cos I feel lighter. big apetite for food is gaining on me fast! So I need to go on a diet and a strong will to go with it!

I read about this diet somewhere or was it sent to me through email by someone..where you can loose up to 17 lbs (abt 8 kg) within 5-7 days! This program was developed by a company for its employees for their wellbeing and fitness. I love it cos I can still eat food that I like as much I want to and still loose weight!
I can still eat lots of fruits, vegetables and meat (chicken or beef) and of cos to drink at least 10 glasses of plain water every day to wash all the impurities in your system. The effectiveness of this diet is that the food eaten burn more calories than they give to the body in caloric value. First day is to eat only much as you want without going hungry. Second day eat other fruits plus any vegetable. And so on so forth...other days you eat only meat (beef) or chicken plus vege and fruits again even burger is allowed. By the seventh day you are supposed to loose at least 7-8 kg. I find that I have lost 2 kg by the third day! And I dont feel hungry all the time..isn't that great! You can repeat this program as often as you like without fear of complications or side effects. It will not only make you at least 10 lbs lighter but you feel good too. Light exercise like walking will do you no harm and it helps the weight loss even faster and permanently.....So why not try it for those who have weight problem and still be healthy and energetic. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Eat healthy girl.good luck!

Anonymous said...

Gumuk sgt ke awak ni sampai nk diet.Jgn sampai kurus melengkung dah ler.Tak cantek nanti


Anonymous said...

salam..kalau bjaya bgtau kite ek nk try gak la